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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Is It Wood Or Concrete?

Did you know I love to make concrete counter tops? I came up with a method to create counter tops to look like wood!  I have to tell you that when I pulled this one out of the mold I was so excited with the outcome. (I actually jumped up and down!)  The install isn't complete yet, but I'll definitely show you what it looks like finished. Here’s a photo showing a section of it:

I like working with concrete.  I think it's because concrete has a mind of its own. I can plan, add color and texture, mix and pour, but can never be sure of the outcome. After I take it out of the mold, I sand it, decide to fill or leave the imperfections, then sand some more until I get the look I want. I don't grind my counters down to perfection, rather I leave them with just enough imperfections to mimic natural concrete. 

Each concrete counter is unique, preserving its natural look, giving it an urban feel. They look great in a wide range of design styles from contemporary, farmhouse to rustic or modern.  Here are a few other samples of my work.

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