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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Art Designs For 2015

Each year around this time I put thought and research into new designs for my concrete art.  I take about three months off during this time of year from creating and sculpting my concrete.  I do this for three reasons.  One is, my hands have to heal. Concrete and the tools I use are very hard on them.  The second is I just need to take a break. I look forward to changing it up creatively. I do this by painting. I spend a lot of time with my camera through out the year so I can't wait to use some of my photos as inspiration for my abstract paintings. And third, taking a break allows me to stand back for awhile and think about what I have done and also dream up new designs for the new year.

So now I'm deciding on which pieces from last year to keep and continue to have available for purchase.
Here is a look at a few of my favorites and my best sellers.

Rounds Sphere Bowls - you're sure to get a unique one of a kind bowl as they can only be made one at a time.  They come in several sizes.
 These concrete and glass lanterns put out great light! Place them on your fireplace mantel or on a large table or even on your front porch.
These electric concrete light bowls are a favorite to cozy up a corner of your room.  Just turn the switch and you have this perfect glow. Watch for the shadow when placed close to a wall. These also come in several sizes.
Need to bring a little of the outdoors in?  These table top fountains bring in that peaceful sound of water just as is you were sitting outside on a summer day.
I just love making these.  I call them Headshots!  They became quite popular last summer and I am very happy about that!  I'm looking forward to making many more of them! Be assured you will be purchasing your own one of a kind Headshot.  I make these one at a time as well.

So the questions is which ones do you want to see come back, or have you purchased a favorite from me that you want to share or see come back!

If you are interested in purchasing these concrete art pieces or have questions or comments please contact me!  I do ship although shipping is quite pricey due to the weight of concrete.

If you want to look at my other art pieces go to my current website on Houzz, or click on this link

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