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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Naming or Giving a Title to Your Art. Need a Few Ideas?

I usually don't have difficulty coming up with ideas or inspiration for my art, but I find naming or giving a title to my art of one of my most difficult tasks for me. In the past if I've been stuck, I've relied on other people, especially those who know me well.  Sometimes they nailed it and I use their suggestions and other times their suggestions lend clarity enabling me to give it a name.

Last month I came up with an idea to use a child to begin my paintings.  Being an abstract painter this process worked out great and I had the perfect child to do this with!  My three year old grandson!
He knows his colors and has his favorites so it made it even more fun. 
I did use my acrylic paints and this needed to happen in my home do to the cold weather, so I thought the process needed to be a bit more controlled. So I thinned the paint down a bit and put colors in separate cups. I then gave him a brush and asked him what color he wanted and where he wanted them on the canvas.  I would pour a little out right where he requested and he would then brush them around in any pattern he wished.  It was fun to talk about what he was painting and why.

What did I learn from this process?  By putting a little more focus and meaning into the process other than just inspiration for a painting made it much easier to think of a title.  Using my grandson who I know very well, generated titles for these paintings based on what he enjoys to do and what makes him happy!  Here are the three abstract paintings which came about from this experience.  They put a smile on my face because I see him in each one. Pay special attention to each of there titles.

Title: "A Bouquet For Mom"

Title: "Puddle Jumping"

Title: "My Favorite Color is Green"

So I have an idea?  How many of your children would enjoy an original painting using this process? I would love to work with them to create a one of a kind work of art for them!  Please, let me know your thoughts.  Just leave a comment below or feel free to email me.  Thank you!

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