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Monday, April 27, 2015

I'm Knee Deep In Concrete But...

That's right!  I don't which what way to turn, because I have so many concrete projects going right now!  So many orders to fill and new concepts to make happen. Don't get me wrong, I've been waiting to have a year where I have orders to fill rather than go knocking on doors to sell my art.

I have three new acrylic abstract paintings that I completed this year that are ready to sell.  It's a perfect time to spruce up your home for spring with original art at an affordable price. Here they are below with titles and prices.  Please email me if interested and I'll ship them if needed.

 "Intentional Prayer / Learning to Listen" - 30"x 24"  $385.00
How many of us pray but forget to listen and don't wait for the answer?  Look up for the answers!  
Our lives move to quickly sometimes to discover what is right in front of us.

 "Like a Wave" - 36"x 24"  $375.00
Movement!  Who doesn't get lost in the beauty of water?  
The colors, the reflection and the power of water can't help but re-energize your soul.

"The Smell of Dirt in Spring" - 30"x 24"  $325.00
Have you ever spent the day digging in the garden on a spring day? 
You jump in the shower and smell that freshness of dirt as it's washed off.  

Continue to check back, I'll be posting my concrete art pieces. Both my favorites and my new art.
What orders are the most popular right now?

 "Fire Coffee Table" - $250.00

 "Round Sphere Bowls" - $35.00; $45.00, $55.00

 "Concrete Counters" - contact me for a quote
 "Head Shots" - $135.00

"Square Ball Fountain" - $265.00

Please contact me if you are interested in placing an order. If you have a concrete art idea that you may want made or a custom painting for your space let me know!

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