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Monday, March 23, 2015

I never liked the colors yellow or blue and now I eat my boiled eggs just a little running like my mother.

Did you know that color can be more than just something pretty to look at?  Do you ever put an association with colors?

I usually have a egg (and a bowl of oatmeal) for breakfast.  I started to buy fresh eggs locally and found  not only is the yellow of the yolk much brighter but also much tastier.  Last week as I cracked open my egg I was reminded of how my mother liked her eggs - a bit runny,  even a lot runny especially during the last several years of her life. They actually were so running just looking at them made me gag.  But guess what?  I'm finding myself liking my eggs a bit more running like that as well.  I let my egg boil for just a short time then I turn off the heat and let it set for about three or four minutes.  It make the perfect egg.  I use to like them boiled all hard and now I like them best with the white totally firm but the yolk just a bit runny.  Really? This kind of scares me. I just may eat the same runny egg someday just like my mom's!

It's interesting to me that I do like yellow now.  (I'm pretty sure it's not just because I eat eggs.) The shades of yellow do have to be just the correct shades however.  I saw these yellows used on a Houzz site.  Just lovely.  The shades of yellow pick for these rooms are soothing yet fresh and energetic.

And what a beautiful this yellow is in this photo!  The subject matter is pretty special too!

Did you know I like blues now too!  Soft and fresh, but clean and pure as though the morning rain just wash them clean.

Don't tell me it's because I live near my favorite lake, Lake Michigan.  I am not a big fan of anything nautical.  I am a big fan of nature however. I do think a now enjoy blue partially because of where I live.  I get to see a great view of this big beautiful sky where I live.  And I've noticed that especially in late fall and early spring the sky is this deep rich tone of blue. This blue is a wonderful backdrop for nature around me - the lake, trees, tall grass, flowers and so much more!

I think as your life changes whether it be a move a change in landscape, life changes, moods or even friends it can effect your likes and dislikes in many aspects of your life. Something as simple as color like an dislikes can change as well.

Colors can cause me to either imagine, create new art or be reminders or of my life events. 

So it's a new year and a new year brings new events, new possibilities, new connections and new art.

So watch out!  New fresh art (including new concrete) will be happening!!!

One more thing. I realized as I get older I start seeing more and more of both my parents in me.  Maybe more about that later...

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