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Monday, March 16, 2015

Attitude and Art or Art and Attitude

If I were talking as a artist and my art it would be "Art and Attitude".  But if I were talking about just me, or even someone other than me it would be "Attitude and Art".


First..." Art and Attitude".

Most of you know I like to create artMy favorite pieces of art I most like are those that show a bit of attitude.  These pieces make the viewer look just a bit closer looking for either my message or something that speaks to them.  This is true for all three of my art mediums - Abstract Painting, Concrete Art and Photography.  You don't have to purchase them or have to even like them but please find something that may be positive or interesting about them.  Here are a few examples:

Wouldn't this concrete "Headshot" surprise someone or put a unexpected smile on someone's face?  Put it in a garden space to greet your guests!

This painting has always been a favorite of mine.  I love the colors as well as the movement.  Do these two people love each other or tolerate each other?  This one is sold but prints are available.

Who doesn't like the unexpected?  I decided to lay on the ground up close with my camera.  I think everyone should so this at least once?  I wasn't disappointed!

Second...Attitude and Art.

Your attitude about most everything determines your outcome.  A bad attitude will eventually bring a bad outcome.  Who wants to be with someone with a bad attitude?  It's a harsh question but an important one! On the flip side if you have a good attitude, usually people want to be with you and most everything will have a good outcome!  Maybe not the one you want but still a good one.  Did you know that most people enjoy others with a positive attitude?  I do!  I don't have to agree with them, but if they're attitude is good I enjoy them.  And please don't use the excuse that there is nothing good or positive. You can always find something!  I don't have art examples for this one, but I do know when I have the right attitude I usually create better art.

I want my art to be something positive for you to enjoy.  I want it to have "good" attitude. Some of my art is a bit more traditional and some of it is more creative.  Either way know that when you purchase it from me I really want you to find a place for it where it makes you and your friends smile.

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