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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Concrete. What are these? They're new!

I have to be honest.  Every year I have to think of new designs for my concrete art.  I love the idea of changing it up, but sometimes those ideas just don't click when I want them to.  This year it has been a bit more difficult since I've come from a year that I was pretty much on a sabbatical due to "no studio", and the construction of our new home.

This week I've decided to devote most of my time in my studio developing new designs and new molds.  Today I even poured a few of them!  Can you guess what these are?  If they work I think they will be a great gift idea for someone this spring.  You may just have to purchase one for yourself as well!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will hopefully be showing you the finished piece soon!

Other new designs as well as your favorites will be available again this year.  If interested in any of my concrete art contact me or keep an eye out at Wealthy at Charles in Grand Rapids, MI.

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