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Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekends = winter photography.

Who doesn't like weekends.  There are so many choices of what to do.  You can get those things done you don't do during the week, you can lounge around, or you can play! I did a little of all of those.  Yesterday my husband and I decided to check out a new beach access about ten minutes away.  Although quite cold and windy the sun was shining making it so inviting to get outside.  The access was closed so we parked our car on the road and walked in.  After a bit of a walk we made our way to the lake. It was so beautiful with so much untouched white snow, and the reflections on the ice and water were amazing!

Of course I took my camera.  Here are few favorite photos!

This photo above IS Lake Michigan!  I feel it looks as though we were visiting the snow covered foot hills Colorado.  The iceburgs set high in the background and flat frozen water covered in snow in the foreground made for a dramatic effect.  The sun in the background gave just enoug color.  



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