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Thursday, March 1, 2012

An Art Form - Winter to Spring!

What a great time of year.  Just as we are (yes, me too), trying to get rid of our seasonal colds and viruses, the season of spring is trying get rid of winter.  It felt like that here yesterday.  It started out as a cold rainy day and then turned to complete sunshine with a temperature of fifty three degrees!  The birds were even singing.  It felt like spring! Later in the day winter had to come back rolling in showing it's face.  Here are three photos showing the sunshine trying very hard to come through the dark nasty clouds of winter.

What a powerful this weather system.  Eventually winter won.  The wind, rain and ice came. 

Soon spring will win!

These weather systems are a possibility for my next painting after my Alzheimer's Series is finished. I'm finishing the last one in the series now.

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