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Monday, March 5, 2012

This is the art thats fills in my time in between painting.

Take photos!  This one was last night just before clouds came to cover up the setting sun.  I still love it though!

I'm in the process of finishing the third painting for my Alzheimer's Series.  I am having a difficult time staying focused so I am procrastinating.  I'm in the mood to just throw paint at a canvas (literally throw!).  So I just may do that this week.  Meanwhile my painting that I had scheduled to be finished by the end of February is not! the end of this week you SHOULD be able to see either the painting of thrown paint or the third painting for Alzheimer's.  If I'm really inspired you may see a bit of both.

Of course I would not want to disappoint, so a few more photos will sure to be posted also.

Non-the-less, it is Monday!  And this week should hold signs of spring.  So enjoy!!!

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