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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Water = Color, Movement and Majestic Power

Did you know I have a phobia with water?  Yep...I'm admitting it today.  It's pretty complex.  I don't like the anticipation of knowing I'll be approaching and seeing a large body of water.  Like when I was visiting the West Coast (CA).  Driving toward the Pacific Ocean was a bit scary.  I know this ocean is typically dark water with these large dark rocks formations.  The expectations of that scared me.  I also have that same problem with waterfalls, especially large ones such as the Niagara Falls. I don't even like photos of waterfalls.  Who knows why I have this phobia with water.  Maybe early childhood issues.  Maybe something happened and I blocked it out.  I really don't care or want to know.  I do know enjoying this lake, taking photos and even working with them and displaying them has definitely tamed my fears.  What an ever changing and powerful lake!  The fact that there is this huge body of water with a beautiful backdrop of sky and landscape is amazing.  To just stare and take it all in has been overwhelming for me.


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