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Monday, October 24, 2011

Moving the studio...what does this mean?

It means my concrete art will be on hold for a few months.  It also means my "Creative Sabbatical" will begin.  This barn has meant a lot to me.  It was the perfect spot to begin my art career full time.  This building was where I mixed and sculpted my concrete art.  I had a great set-up inside this barn, but my favorite was working out on the front deck.   It was perfect with part shade and part sun.  I was protected and had some privacy from the trees around me.  The birds and the squirrels would play, I could watch my small garden grow, and I could hear the fountain bubble in my pond as well as watch the robins splash and take a cool bath.  We built this barn, or should I say my father-in law and my husband did.  This building has meant a lot to us for many years because of that.  It began as a storage for our yard equipment on the bottom and a very nice play house for our girls on the top.  As they grew up and left, that switched, the top became the storage and the bottom my studio.

Well, we are going to say good bye to this studio as well as our home in the next week or so, so that is why this "Creative Sabbatical" is going to happen for me.  I'm actually quite excited about this sabbatical.  This will give me time to paint and experiment in some new photography.  I always have told you my art concentration includes three mediums - concrete art, acyclic painting and photography.  I really do need all three to feed new ideas.  By concentrating on just two, painting and photography, I just can't wait to see what ideas I come up with for my concrete art next year! 

Most of all, I'm very excited to see where and what my new art studio will look like!  This new studio will be larger and better equipped to handle larger projects.  Please follow along on this new journey.  I'll keep you posted!  

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