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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sixteen concrete stars available for 2011...and it's a holiday item!

Yes, I did close the doors on this art tudio, but before I did that I thought I better leave 2011 with a few holiday art pieces for you.  These stars were a big seller last year, so I thought I would sculpt them again.  Of course, they are different.  I would never make something the same.  I'm all about making each piece unique so you can purchase a one of a kind.  These sixteen stars will be available for the holiday season at Wealthy at Charles.  When there, check out my other conrete pieces.  There are lamps, bowls, fountains, large chunky bowls, as well as several of my paintings and photo canvases.

My studio is empty and now the doors are closed.  I can't wait to open my new studio doors and fill the room with concrete, rebar, trowels, metal, mixer, pails and tubs, water and color, and new sculpture for 2012! 

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