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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why is this abstract painting called Sunday Afternoon and why do I love to take photos!

By now you know me and know that I concentrate in three art mediums - concrete art, abstract art and photography (not necessarily in that order.  I love them equally.   I need each of them to spur on ideas for the other.

Currently, I have a painting hanging for sale in Wealthy at Charles called "Sunday Afternoon." (see lower photo). Noticing the full moon this month reminded me that I should explain a little of how some of my ideas come about. 

I love to know and be aware of what is around me.  Colors, shapes and movement are an important part of each day.  When I see something I find interesting or beautiful, that is when my camera comes out.  I want to capture that and store it for future ideas.  Sometimes when I see something, the idea comes immediately into my head.  Sometimes the ideas from my photo spur on only the texture or the colors and sometimes the end result is something totally different.  In this case this photo came close to my end result.  I love this painting.  For me it's peaceful and serene. You should go to Wealthy at Charles (located on Wealthy St. just west of Eastern in Grand Rapids, MI), and take your (clean) hand and feel the surface.  It's smooth.  It feels good. 

Have you ever stopped to lay in the grass looking up and just stare at the sky?  To really check out the many hues of blue, to see how the clouds move and change.  If you look long enough, you can see the depth of the sky and it seems to go on forever.  I titled this painting "Sunday Afternoon," because of that.  To me it mimics a time for you and I to stop and just look, see and feel peace and serenity for just a moment. 

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