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Monday, February 15, 2016

A Collection Of My Favorite Concrete Bowls.

I really do enjoy making concrete bowls. I'll go so far to say they're my favorite to make.  I think this is because there are so many uses for bowls.  You can display just a single one or several of them together, you can drop in a favorite plant or flower, put in a candle, fill one with your favorite treasures, insert a glass bowl and use as a punch bowl for parties, set out several on your patio for a bit of mood lighting, or use as a bird bath. Really the ideas are almost endless.

I thought I would post my favorites I have made over the last ten years.  I'll start with a few of my all time favorite then the bowls after that will be in random order.










Ok, I know these are plates, but I do like them!








If you have a favorite and want to order one there is one thing you do have to be aware of.  I do not make molds for any of these bowls, so I can try to replicate one but it won't be identical. I prefer it this way because each of my customers always receive an original! You will never have one like anyone else.

I'll be taking orders beginning April 1, 2016, so please contact me if you are interested purchasing one or more of these. I've placed a number for ordering on the right bottom side of each bowl/photo.

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