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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Thirty Minutes At The Lake On A December Afternoon

Saturday was a dark, cloudy and drizzly day.  The wind was calm so I was hoping the lake would be calm as well so I decided to head to there with my camera.  I was right, the lake was quiet and the sand had very few footprints.  I love it when I find it this way.  I can pretend the beach is mine.

I love the muted tones of the water and sand when the weather is like this.  It makes both colors blend together.  Look at this first photo.  The lines in the sand and the the small wave have a beautiful balance.

Soft and serene.  The peacefulness of just standing there was amazing.  A word a friend of mine used for this photo was "worship".  He was right on.  I definitely feel God's presence at this lake.

Some would think it would be lonely to be at the beach when you're the only one there, but the quiet of the beach is so inspirational to me.  It took only thirty minutes to feel relaxed and refreshed.

Enjoy the holidays everyone!  Take a few moments or thirty minutes out of your busyness once in awhile to reflect on the season of Christ's birth.  Enjoy the blessings given to you!

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