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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Concrete Star of Hope

This little chunky concrete "Star of Hope" deserves it's own post.  I made these a few years ago for the holiday season. Little did I know that these would become popular all year around.  This idea came about after I gave my first star to my best customer who is now a friend that was struggling though a serious illness.  I have since given several away to others as well who have either suffered from a loss or have been personally struggling.  I have found that these are the perfect sized gift when you really have no words of your own to help them through their tough time. I now have many customers who purchase several at a time to keep them in stock for that perfect time to lift someones spirits

I hope that when they light this little votive they feel not only a sense of HOPE but would also know someone is praying and thinking about them.  Each votive comes with a label that says:

Star of Hope
A bright spot for a tough day!

I'm taking orders for the holiday now so please order soon! They sell for $12.00 each plus tax, and shipping if needed.  You can email me to place your order.

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