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Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Sunset in Ten Minutes

It was a warm, sunny and windy day yesterday.  I fully intended to go to the lake for the sunset thinking it could be spectacular with high waves and sunny skies, but as I got busy working on my art studio project the clouds came.  I thought to myself, "I am a bit tired anyways, so I'll just go in for the night. There is always the next sunset."  I went in the house and took one last look out the window and noticed a light glow of pink in the west.  I decided to walk out to the end of our drive and turn to look west toward the lake. There was a even stronger line of pink and orange  near the horizon! With only a little more than ten minutes before sunset I decided to go! I grabbed my camera and raced down.

I got there and this guy was drying off near his truck. I said hello and he responded, "You missed it! The waves were way bigger earlier."  I said, "But the sun is amazing!"  With that I ran down to the water.  Here are several shots of ten minutes of one sunset.

Here are two more after the sunset.  I always tell others you need to stay just a while longer after the sun sets because that is when the sky turns to the most awesome color.  That sure happened last night!

I'm so glad I took these few minutes out of my evening.  This lake never disappoints me.

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