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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sharing My Evening Walk To The Lake

Many that know me know that I often go to Lake Michigan to catch a evening sunset. If you are not familiar with Lake Michigan it's a big lake. In fact many first visitors say, "This can't be a lake because you can't see land on the other side!"

This lake has the most beautiful sand and the most gorgeous sunsets.  I feel so blessed to live close enough to go often.  There's nothing more beautiful and relaxing at the end of the day than to walk along the shore watching the sun go down. I thought I would share a few photos from last nights walk...enjoy!

 This is the path I take as I head down to the lake.  I never tire of it and this time of year the smell of everything new and everything blooming is amazing!

As I'm walking along the water I'm on the look out for interesting shapes, color and light.

I love trying to catch a wave at just the right moment as the sunlight hits it. Check out the light in the small wave in the background!

Contrast!  Love the contrast and colors between the water and sand!  Golden beauty!

A perfect ending to a great day!

I encourage to get out to the lake as often as you can.  You'll never be disappointed.  It's new and different every time!.

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