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Monday, April 6, 2015

The Season of Concrete Art and Design Has Begun!

I have now officially transferred into the season of concrete!  I actually started building molds last week, but was distracted by one last abstract painting that I really wanted to finish rather than having it sit around for the next several months.  I wanted to paint something with lots of color this time and I really like how this one turned out! It's large - 42"x 70" and it's available for you to purchase!

About a month ago I decided to pick up a piece of loose canvas I found in my storage.  I had bought quite a bit of loose canvas years ago when canvas floor clothes were popular.  (I painted lots of them for customers back when they were popular!)  Hanging this canvas on the wall gives it a unique urban look.  I suppose you could also use it as a floor cloth as well! If interested in purchasing this painting please contact me for information.  I do ship my art.

So today, up first will be a concrete counter then close behind will be three of these fountains,
and a forth fountain that's a custom order.  Did you know I have customers that ask me to design an art piece for them?  I consider it an honor, especially when they have requested it to depict a special occasion. 

I also will be making some new garden containers and outdoor garden and patio pieces this year. I'll keep you posted and will show you  them as I finish them.  Look for my art on my Facebook page as well, as I post quite frequently.

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