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Monday, February 3, 2014

What goes around comes around.

I believe this statement is true. Whether it has to do with everyday conversation or what you do from day to day. What you have done and said, makes you who you are today. It is like running around in this big life circle.

What am I talking about?  I'm working on my latest acrylic abstract painting. It has a ton of detail, using a very tiny paint brush, making tiny brush strokes. As I was beginning this painting I had a flash back of when I was quite young, maybe six or seven years old. I would do these drawings using very small pencil lines. I don't remember the finished art piece, but I do remember just filling up my page with these lines and really enjoying the pattern when it was finished. It was almost an obsession for a while. This painting is the same for me now! I'm finding such satisfaction placing every brush stroke down. I love the patterns that are happening.

I can't wait until I have this canvas filled. I'll then back adding light and dark, and the detail to make this painting pop! I have a long way to go so I'll keep showing you updates.
abstract landscape detail
abstract landscape detail

Do you ever stop and think, "I know the reason I'm doing it this way!" Everyone can learn important lessons if you just take time to look back once in a while.

It continues to make sense to me.

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