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Friday, September 27, 2013

Need to find that little gift to lighten up someone's day!

Concrete for the holidays!  This is something that's on my mind for most of the year.  It's tough coming up with new fresh ideas.  I start thinking and planning around March  hoping for my ideas to work around August so I can start producing.  I'm happy to report I will have three new designs.  My first design are these cute little concrete chunky candle holders.

This idea began with a short conversation with my two friends who own Wealthy at Charles in Grand Rapids, Lenn and Mike.  We had a chat about what would work for their store as well as ideas. They did say my stars from a previous year sold really well and advised me to maybe do them again.  Well, not being someone who like to repeat the same thing, I thought I would change it up and do these new "chunky little stars".

Also, as I was working with the new design and shape I was reminded of a great customer I have (that has now become a good friend).  She loves my concrete and has lots of it in her home.  She has a gift for decorating and has placed each piece perfectly.  It looks just beautiful!  Several weeks ago however, she told me she had a recurrence of cancer. What tough news to hear I thought.  Although I told her I would be praying for her I wanted to do a bit more. That's when I thought what a great little gift this chunky stars would be.  It could be a star of hope that could also put a bright spot in a tough day.  So that's what I did!  I stopped over to her house this past week for a short visit and gave her one of these stars.  I told her my idea for these stars and loved it.  She gave me permission to use her in my blog today.  So...that's what these will be!  A reasonably priced gift ($14.00 including the candle) for you to give someone special for any reason!  And not necessarily for the holidays.  This "chunky little star" will work well as a gift all year around.

If interested in purchasing one look for them soon at Wealthy at Charles in Grand Rapids, MI or Flying Colorz Studio in Holland, MI.  You can also email me at for more information on how to purchase yours.

Keep a eye on this blog for my other two holiday concrete art pieces coming soon!

And thanks Sandy for your inspiration for my star.

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