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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Will I hang this in my studio?

Did you know my dad was an artist?  Actually he was many organist, an inventor, a builder, a wood carver, an avid could go on and on!  I was fortunate and blessed for having such a special and unique dad.  Why is it now that he's gone, my life makes so much more sense?  His journey through life molded mine.

Last night I was emptying a closet that I had put a few last boxes in because I didn't know where to put them.  As I was taking the items out I came upon a sign that I had made at a young age for my dad for his studio.  Why "Klaas's carving studio"?  His American name was Claude,  and his Dutch name was Klaas.

I thought back then it would be cool if he called this place that he spent many hours his studio, but he never did.  He called it his "shop".  (And that really was ok with me.)

This sign is now bittersweet for me.  I remember taking it off the wall for the last time as I walked away from his shop forever.  I wanted that sign and my dad to remain there forever.  Life doesn't happen that way...bummer.  It's still hits me in the gut once in awhile. 

What I do have is my many memories of and an even better understanding of why I am the way I am. Will I hang this in my studio?  I'm undecided.  It's really not mine to hang.


  1. I think it is yours to hang, it belong to you and your dad, and he would be so honored to know it now hangs in your space. What ever you may call or name your space down the road, he would be honor and I think in a small way you would be too. Hang it anywhere you wish, but hang it in your space. It's seem to me, that you have a lot of your dad in you, and you are now seeing it. Life is what you make it, but it's also what life offered you as a child, which molds you now to who you are. Follow your dreams, and remember his along the way ...
    Lillian M

  2. You are right! My dad will forever hold a special place in my heart whether I hang it or not. I just may find a spot on the wall at the right time.