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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two daughters = two times at the beach!

I was lucky enough to visit the beach twice yesterday.  It was a slower day at the house, so I decided to take advantage of my day. 

My first visit was with my oldest daughter and my grandson, early in the morning.  This is a favorite time of mine because it's fresh and quiet outside.  I love watching the shore as the sun comes up from the east.  This particular morning the sun was shining in the east as well as a storm coming in from the west (thunder included).  What an amazing and beautiful morning.

My second visit was with my youngest daughter in the evening.  I also love this part of the day, watching the sun cast a white sparkling light across the lake as well as watching the sky change as the sun sets.  This particular night the clouds set up a great backdrop for a great sunset.

I also have to mention I love the conversations!

Yep...I love the beach, MY west coast.

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