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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

First came a bat...

A bat attacked our builder yesterday...then came this baby pheasant? hen?  We're not really sure of what it is.  (Anyone have an idea of what this is?) We do however think it may have or had a home. This little one was very friendly, almost annoying following us all around.  She/he was very attracted to my blue toe nail polish.

The good news is my art studio will get a floor this week.  Although it will not be finished yet, I will have a clean level floor to get started.  My first concrete design will be the fireplace.  It's framed and ready to go.  For those of you waiting for a few new pieces of concrete art, don't worry I'll be creating in between the curing stages.  So.....yes art will be happening again. I'm so excited to begin again.

I am now also realizing our new homestead will be bringing us a few surprises.  Needless to say, I told our builder to make sure he seals everything very well.  I'm not fond of bats!

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