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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Light. It plays such an important roll in my art.

I could just grab a coffee and a chair and sit in the quiet of this morning.  Can't you just find yourself here at this moment?  I would reflect and pray with this moment and wish I could savor it.  I would be a little bummed I couldn't savor it, because in just a few moments from this moment the sun would be up a bit more and the whole experience of the morning would be different.

Life is kind of like that.  You want to treasure and hold on to the special moments you get.  The lesson I learned is to never forget them, but move on because there are many more ahead.

What does this have to so with light and my art.  (Not really sure, that stuff just came to me).

Light does make my painting more interesting though...for me and the viewer. 

So I guess if you try to put more "light" in your day, week, month, year, you may become more interesting and people may enjoy you! 

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