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Monday, November 21, 2011

Red, orange, white and wild!

I'm not going apologize for my many posts of the sunset.  I was just telling someone yesterday who commented on seeing my photos, that I just can't help myself.  Each one is so beautiful!  I think it's about trying to capture the whole view and wanting to share with everyone what I see.  I told her that every time I take a  photo of the sunset I'm just a bit disappointed.  I just can't quite get the whole picture.  This time the wind was strong causing the waves to be so wild.  What a contrast between waves that seems to be so mad and the calmness of the beautiful sun.  It was so windy it was hard to hold my camera still!

I may have to paint a few abstract paintings on sunsets, water and waves.

Have a great week everyone and look all around for the beautiful colors around you.

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