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Monday, November 7, 2011

Art on a early frosty morning!

Have you ever taken a look at the ground when the sun first comes up in the morning on a chilly morning.  The frost itself makes such lovely patterns and shapes on everything.  Look quickly though...once the sun hits it, those patterns melt quickly!

I now have had two helpful conversations to define my Sabbatical.  I told you about the first conversation in my last post with my sister.  The second was from a conversation I had over the weekend.  I was asked a simple question. I don't remember the question word for word, but the jest of it was,  "What do you plan on achieving or what is your goal.  Do you have a plan."  I told him of how I will make my photography and abstract painting works together to build both a portfolio, but most importantly build a fresh batch of ideas for my concrete art once I have my new studio finished.  The next morning as I thought about that answer I thought to myself, "I need to challenge myself more and take this farther!  So now, I do have a plan to do just that!  I'm not quite ready to unveil the plan, but I will let you know soon.

Thanks Rick! 

(I know I have my share of typos in my blogs, but just so your know my question mark key does not work on my keyboard.)

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