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Friday, September 2, 2011

Sometimes all I need is just one little gift of art in my day to make it a good day.

Now this is fall color!  Yesterday as I was mixing up some concrete I noticed movement from the corner of my eye.  This butterfly was enjoying these wonderful yellow fall flowers.  I didn't have my camera near by and usually by the time I grab it my chance is gone.  Most time I don't take the time.  This time I did and this beauty waited for me.  He posed like a professional model.  I love these moments.  These moments are like a coffee break or a glass of wine.  It gives me time to take a breath, reflect, and focus on what is really important.  I know this is all quite deep for just a few moments, but during a day of running around trying to fit everything in, it is all I need to put that perspective back in my day.
The second photo I also just love.  I did tweak it a bit and love how the flower is glowing from the back.  Is it ok to like it this way?

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend and are able to spend time outdoors with people you love.  Make sure you take some time to check out those small wonders of beauty around you.

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