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Monday, August 29, 2011

Did you think you were going to see Santa today?

He's there in the top photo.  I wanted to post his picture, but didn't have his permission, so I thought I would play it safe.  My daughter and I were sitting at the beach as he walked out to the water to take a quick dip.  We both are convinced that although we do not believe in Santa, if we did, it for sure would be him!  The beard, the glasses, his red swim suit were right on.  He even had the same deep laugh as Santa!

Last week was very full and busy.  I won't go into writing a list down of everything I did or even a list of decisions that were made.  It was a week full of both physical and mental pressures.  I sure hope this week will bring positive results of that week.  The rest of these photos are just a few positives of that week.  I didn't get permission of the photo of my son-in-law Joe, and grandson Olin, but I am pretty sure they won't mind.  Olin definitely knows who his dad is!

Today I will be pouring another one of those large planters.  I hope to have all four of them ready by the end of the week...yay!  I also will be creating more concrete art pieces for my fall line!  Stay tuned, I'll be posting them in future blogs. 

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