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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A predictable flower was just asking me for its photo...I couldn't say no...

I made a concrete delivery to Wealthy at Charles yesterday.  After I came back from a delivery I figure I can have an hour or two off.  I may have a fresh brewed cup of coffee or a glass of red wine (depending on the time of day of course).  I may have some fresh fruit or a few bites of dark chocolate, or even one of my favorite cravings right now...a few potato chips.  Yesterday I just had a cup of coffee.  After sitting outside on my favorite chair I decided to pick up my camera and do some serious looking for new bugs.  I didn't find those, but as I was passing a few flowers I couldn't help notice this one literally staring right at me.  It was as though it was screaming at me to take it's picture, so of course I did!  I'm glad I did because it IS beautiful!

As far as that delivery I made to Wealthy at Charles, they now have a concrete three layer fountain and some concrete urban flowers ready to sell.  I also delivered a concrete table water fountain, but that sold in just a few hours!  Don't worry though, because if you were interested in that one I'll be making more soon.

Find your piece of beauty today.  You don't have to share it, but please appreciate it and be thankful you saw it!  Life passes by way to fast not to stop and appreciate the beauty all around us.

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