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Friday, July 1, 2011

Introducing my three layer concrete fountain!

Here it is!  Here are photos of my new concrete fountain with now three layers!

This concrete fountain has an awesome pump that brings the water up just right to create the amazing sound of water.  It drenches each layer of concrete evenly.  As I was working in the garden yesterday I spotted something walking by me.  It was a duck!  I stood up and watch him waddle through the yard to see where he was going.  Sure enough...he walked up to this fountain, gave it a look, and flew off.  I'm thinking he was a bit disappointed it wasn't a small stream or pond that he could cool off in.

This fountain is available!  I also will do custom orders including any color stones, glass, gems or treasures you might want.  Did you ever think of maybe putting your children's or grand children's hand prints (or foot prints) in one?  I can do that too, and what a special gift that would be!  Email me is you are interested!


  1. I emailed you and got no reply. How do I get one of these fountains?

  2. I emailed you back last night! You didn't get my email? Please check otherise I will ressend it! I had a few questions for you.

    Thanks for your interest!


  3. does this come apart or is it one solid piece? how big is it? and do you ship them?

  4. Yes, each piece is separate. This one shown when together is approximately 30" tall and the widest width (bottom layer) is 28". I have had them shipped, but the buyer is responsible for all packing and shipping. I can give you a name and company that will do that for you. If you live in the West Michigan area, I will deliver, but with an additional delivery fee. Thanks for inquiring, Amy