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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A new name for this concrete bust?

Some one stopped by the other day and spotted my concrete bust in my front yard garden.  The bust has been there for a few years watching over everything that has been passing by.  I've grown to like her there. 

Well, this person immediately found a connection, named her (LuLu) and asked if I would sell her.  She had the perfect spot for her at her Pentwater home.  How could I say no.  Her reaction and the fact she really liked her is exactly one of the most important reasons I create and design.  So I sold her and am very happy I did! 

So here is my new bust.  I missed the other one so much that I had to replace her right away.  This one has serious attitude and definitely will fend off anyone if necessary.  I'm thinking she has a humorous side as well and most days doesn't take life too serious.

Have a great day...enjoy it, and of course I would sell this one too to a good home!  Email me if you would like information!

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