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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Making lots of concrete fireballs for Father's Day gifts!

I know with the name fireball, all my fireballs should be round.  But it's the flame that really describes these art pieces,  They put out an awesome fire ball flame!!! 

These two fireballs may be a bit to "girly" for your father, but these two concrete fireballs are and will be the only two ever made like this.  This mold is for sure a one time mold.  I will not have any more of these available after they are sold.  As an artist I do always want those who purchase my art to get a one of a kind piece.  Although my round ones are most popular, each one is different.  It's actually fun to watch and listen to people talk about them when they are deciding on which one to purchase, especially when they have several to choose from.  They like that color stone, or that rock, or that sparkle, or the way that one feels, or the color of the concrete.  It sometimes takes them a while to figure it out.  These two fireballs would look great anywhere for sure, but if you have a vintage they would be perfect! 

Do you ever know what to get you father for Father's Day?  We all struggle with that at our house. This would be the perfect gift!  I'll have them ready, just contact me!  I'll also be bringing a bunch of them over to Wealthy at Charles Friday morning along with some small fountains and new bowls!

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