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Thursday, June 16, 2011

My concrete fireball coffee table debut last night! Now taking custom orders!

I was lucky enough to host a small birthday party for a dear person last night.  What a fun night!  Despite the weather we were able to have it outside.  What a treat also.  I just have a hard time with summer parties inside. 

One benefit for me was to test my concrete fireball table.  It worked great!  The three citronella candles are not part of the table, they're just a bit of extra decoration for the display.  It was great for setting our drinks and plates of food as well.  At the end of the evening I still had flame and had to use the snuffer for it to go out.

One great thing that comes out of getting together with friends is when they are willing to share their ideas with me.  It's a great sense of inspiration for me.  The one idea I'm going to grab and go with is people will be able to custom order these tables.  Do you have special treasures, a quote, shapes, a favorite leaf, or even a child's hand, or grandpa or grandma's hand (I love older people's hands, there so detailed and show so much of what there life has been like).  I can incorporate them into the table to make it yours.  What a great gift this would be!  (Thanks Heather for this idea!)    

I think this table is a success and I will be making more!  In fact I have another one almost finished.  If you are interested in more information or placing an order, please email me!  If you wonder of I'll ship, the answer is yes! 

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