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Friday, June 17, 2011

A whimsical concrete art piece finds it's place.

I designed this concrete light source a little while ago.  I love this whimsical design.  When it is put in a smaller space and it becomes dark the wire not only glows but casts shadows on most every surface.  I never could quite find the perfect spot for it, and just this week thought it would make a great outdoor light source as we entertain and and enjoy outdoor living.  It worked!  I placed it under a Japanese maple tree near our Koi pond.  It looks great!

This light source can be purchased, or you can custom order a new design.  Email me for more information! 

Did you pick up your Fireball as a gift for your father for Father's Day yet?  There is a great selection at Wealthy at Charles located on Wealthy St. in Grand Rapids right now!

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