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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chunky Concrete Bowls - perfect for so much!

This bowl measuring approximately 16" is one of my favorite chunky bowl designs.  It is only one bowl with the look of two.  It works great as a display piece, a bird bath, or you could even put a large round glass bowl in the center and use it as a punch bowl.  Maybe your favorite summer margarita recipe!

This chunky bowl and just a little larger at 18" is again a great display piece, but would work also great as an herb pot.  Set your herbs low to set of the texture of the leaves and shapes.

This chunky bowl measures about 16 inches but is quite deep.  Set your assortment of treasures or a candle on the bottom.  This bowl also works great by adding a small pump making it a personal fountain.
This chunky bowl is perfect for a small bird bath.  It has a rounded bottom so it fits most any stand.  It measures about 14 ".  I have been asked to many of these by customers.  They wanted to give their old bird bath an updated look!

These chunky bowls are ready for purchase, so email me if you are interested.  Did you know I also ship my art?  Ask about that too!

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