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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Two new concrete fountains on the move today!!!

These two concrete fountains are finally finished!  One is totally new and one is a new version of my last one with a few new concrete art pieces added. I had two customers stop by just as I had finished setting these up yesterday.  These two fountains and one other one were bubbling as they were walking to my front door.  They immediately stopped and remarked that if they had a break that this sound would be the perfect medicine.  Yes, the movement and sound of water is just perfect and so relaxing.  And if your day his hectic or if you feel overwhelmed, this water feature is exactly what you need to come home to.

I'll be delivering these to Wealthy at Charles in Grand Rapids this morning.  Stop by their store if you are interested in purchasing one of these.  If you are interested in ordering a custom fountain just for you email me for information.

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