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Monday, May 16, 2011

So much concrete art...and two peaceful photos!

Have you ever been right on the edge, almost over the top, to your limit?  I'm there! 

At first I was sleeping very good because I was so tired after a busy day.  Now I think I'm just a little too busy and now I'm not sleeping well.  Do you ever wake up and think, "Oh, I need to do that!"...or "Oh, I shouldn't have done that!"  I've been doing that several times during the night (yawn!).  It becomes this huge concern that you can't fall back to sleep.  I then wake up in the morning and think what a waste of a good night sleep.  I need to stop that!  It's not like you can do anything about it at 2am, 3am or 4am. in the morning anyway.

My "to do" list is long again today, including an unexpected concrete order and finishing some of my Urban Flowers.  I do hope I will be able to take a quick peaceful break on this beautiful sunny day to catch even a few more photos like these.

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