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Thursday, April 14, 2011

My new 2011 Concrete Water Fountain!

I like my new concrete fountain design this year.  This water fountain doubles as a bird bath!  If you look closely at the bottom photo you see it as a bowl like center.  This fills up with water then gently flows over the four edges of concrete.  What you can't see very clearly is that the bottom layer has organic texture as well as clear glass pieces and mirror chips that shine and sparkle as the sun shines.  I purposely made the top layer smooth as a contrast to the bottom layer and to help the water flow smoothly over the edge.  This fountain has a great water sound for that relaxing feeling we all need.  I'm positive your birds will stop by for a drink and take their bath. 

I will be making several of these and will be also making them in different heights.  If you are interesting in ordering this one ($395.), or ordering one in a specific size please email me for information and pricing.

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