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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It looks like a photo week other than about eighty concrete fish...

Composition.  It's what I try to get right every time I look through my lens.  Balancing light, texture and color are so important to me.  Sometimes I like my subject so much that I try talking myself into liking it even when it's missing the elements for a perfect composition.  Eventually I end up deleting it and know that there will be many more opportunities that perfect photo. The richness and subtle light of the greens in these new seedling photos are just what I need as I wait for some consistent spring weather to make its way to Michigan.  Did you know you could order these prints?  In fact you can order any of my photos you find on my website in any size.  I especially like them mounted on a bamboo stand-out board.  Email me for more information and pricing.

Keep your eye on those eighty concrete fish!

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