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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Art In 2015. Looking Back.

I see my art evolving and changing.  I believe this is important to stay fresh and excited about creating.  So what have I done and how has it changed?
Here is what I see when I look back on my art this past year.   Custom Concrete Counter Tops: My counters are not just your ordinary poured concrete. I treat my counters like one of my abstract paintings.  When I pour them I intentionally place concrete where I want colors and textures to happen.  The reason I enjoy creating these is the unexpected outcome. Although I pour with intention, concrete had a mind of it's own so it's always a surprise once I take it out of the mold. My counters have a organic urban flavor with a smooth surface.
Functional Concrete Art: Below are a few of my biggest sellers for 2015.  My Hand Blown bowls continue to sell very well. I've even shipped several nation wide.  This year I've added metallic silver and gold centers. and also a mosaic mirrored interior.

I added Birch bark candle holders.  I like these for two reasons. First, I love walking through the woods. I've either found these bark pieces myself or someone else has and given them to me.  Second, these look so cozy lit especially here in Michigan during the cold fall and winter months.

My Hurricane's continue to be popular as well.  These are great year around as they can be used indoors, (my favorite is sitting in a spot near my front entrance) and outdoors, (near your front entrance or back patio).

Photography: Whether it be my macro photos, the lake or landscape, I continue to look for something new. Nature continues to inspire me and my art. My photos look great matted a framed in small sizes, but my favorite is when they are blown up very large, especially the photos of water.

I love macro, especially in this example below.  The smallest drops with the early morning reflection from the sun make colors and shapes explode.

Then there is my favorite...this lake! I'm never disappointed no matter what the weather. You'll continue to see a lot of inspiration from this lake in all aspects of my art, especially my paintings. 

It's so much fun to go down there on a windy day and try to capture the perfect wave.

Abstract Painting: I love to paint!  Although it's an on-going process, I've really been able to perfect my style and that continues to excite me to paint more. I've been fortunate to be excepted in a new gallery for the new year, so look for information on that soon!

I just want to say thank you for your encouragement, support, interest and yes, for many of you that have purchased my art!  I'm blessed to be able to do what I love and all of you make that possible.  I am looking forward to see how my art evolves in the New Year.

If you are looking for concrete art, a photo or a new painting of mine in the coming year for your home or business contact me.  Also, please feel free to leave comments below or email me for more information.

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