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Thursday, July 23, 2015

In Focus

What is your focus? What do you focus on? That can mean two things. Do you focus on yourself or focus on others? Your circumstances or your mood can determine your focus. That word "focus" can mean so much when you really think about it.

Focus is also important in photography. I'm always learning something new when taking out my camera looking for my next photo. The other day with my camera set on manual I spotted this interesting plant. As I positioned my camera looking directly down the stem of the plant, I moved my lens focusing first from the bottom then clicking as I moved up to the top of the plant.  Here is what I captured.

Here is another set.  I came upon this plant as I was shooting some Queen Anne's Lace. I have no idea what this it is, but found the seed heads beautiful as I focused on each of them while moving my lens.

What do you focus on when you wake up each morning?

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