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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

To Paint For A Cause Or Not

Several years ago I painted three boards inspired by my father-in-law who passed away from the disease of Alzheimer's.  When he was diagnosed, I did a bit of my own research not only on how the disease progresses, but what happens to the brain of the Alzheimer's patient.  I know this is a very simplistic description, but to sum up what I learned from painting these boards was that the brain is a very complicated system with thousand of parts and pieces and as the disease progresses these parts and pieces break and deteriorate. This intricacy of the brain has made me more aware when I take photos mostly of nature. Here are several photo that are inspiring me to continue this project of bringing awareness to Alzheimer's.

How do you feel about painting for a cause?  These paintings will be abstract for two reasons.  The first is I want the viewer to see the painting and let it speak to them especially if they are effected by a loved one with this disease. Second, I want these paintings to represent not only understanding but more importantly joy, hope and comfort.

Here are the three paintings I did several years ago.

I look forward to keeping you updated and please feel free to leave comments below or email me for more information or if you would like to purchase one of these three featured art pieces above.

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