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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What you don't see but should! Abstract Art

Abstract Art!  I love it! 
The last few days have been just beautiful here is West Michigan!  I couldn't help but look out my window.  I so badly wanted to go for a walk outside with my camera, but knew it would be just so cold. I finally caved in and told myself to dress warm and get out there for at least a short walk.  I pulled on my tallest boots, grabbed my camera and began trekking through deep snow looking for something that would grab my interest. 
As I walked I noticed the different animal tracks and the patterns they made through the snow, also a few dead seed pods that poked through the heavy snow. Everything was so pretty but yet I couldn't find anything photo worthy. I said to myself, "bummer!".  It was so pretty outside - there had to be something!  I decided to turn and walk deeper into a heavier wooded area and am I glad I did.  It was so quiet and beautiful!  This is what I saw!  A world of  "abstract!"

Every branch was beautifully covered with fresh white snow!  I kept walking and began to notice the patterns of the many snow covered branches against the fallen white snow on the ground.  It wasn't sunny, but there was just enough light to give some contrast and soft shadows.  As I zoomed in on some branches I also became aware and was reminded once again that nature really does know how to produce the best abstract art!

This photo above is a favorite!  I love lines! Lots of them!  
This is also why I love photography.  It inspires my other art mediums, both my abstract paintings and concrete art.  You can check out my website to view those.

Simple is also beautiful!  This photo above is a great example of how white space makes the object pop.  It's such a delicate branch!
A thick tangle of branches!  Each branch covered in white snow.  Do you notice the very bright white beyond the branches?  I'm confident in saying this shot makes a complete abstract composition.
I'm usually never disappointed after taking one of my walks.  And  this walk was no different. It was way more inspiring than I thought it would be. My challenge for you is to take a bit of time once in awhile to be still and take a moment to look around.  There is so much beauty around us for us to be so busy to ignore it!  

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  1. Really lovely photos! I am almost inspired enough to brave our snow....! ;)