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Monday, June 18, 2012

So Many Concrete Ideas!

This will be my view out one of my windows in my studio!  Don't you just love the detail of the branches?  I had to work hard to save this tree from the builder, the excavator and my husband. I actually have two of these trees placed fairly close together.  One is this perfectly cute one and the other one (close by) is no longer perfectly cute.  Why?  Two weeks ago we were told a larger tree close to the studio had to go.  We did agree to that because it was only a foot or so away from the building.  My husband decided to tackle this tree on his own and guess where it fell? fell on the other one. It broke several branches on one side so it is now not that perfect shape.  I am determined though to save it bring it back  Both trees will stay!!!

What has happened with this process of building, is a flood of new and exciting concrete art ideas!  The builder does know I can't wait much longer to get inside my studio and begin, so hopefully within a few weeks I'll be mixing up concrete.

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