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Monday, May 21, 2012

"Seven Days A Week" - My last mixed media painting from my winter sabbatical

I'm so glad to have finished this last painting because I can now concentrate on finishing my studio and start designing my new concrete art pieces.

This painting "Seven Days A Week," sums up the purpose of my sabbatical.  As I have said many times during the last several months, this sabbatical first happened because I didn't have a studio because of our move.  Because of space issues once we moved I thought it would be a great idea to concentrate on my painting and photography.   By doing this it would only make me more creative for my concrete art and sculpture.  I also needed as reason more than just moving to inspire me.  That lead me to paint enough to be able to raise money to donate to the Alzheimer's disease.  As I have said many times before, my father-in-law has this disease.  He is now in is later stages.  He had been this active father and grandfather who always put his family first helping, serving, supporting and enjoying us and life.  It has been very difficult to see him slowing deteriorate, and even more difficult seeing my husband and his family go through this journey.

So what is the meaning of this new painting?  I wanted this painting to actually be a more positive reminder.  Yes, seven days a week you have to care for a Alzheimer's patient.  More importantly though, we need to concentrate on what we need to be doing before we get that devastating news.  What are you doing seven days a week?

1. Are you making the most of your day?
2. Are you ready when someone asks you a favor or needs your help?
3. Do you have a close relationship with your children?
4. Do you have that peace about your life?
5. Are you creating a safe home for your family?
6. Are you noticing the breathtaking beauty outside today?
7. Are you getting caught up in the little frustrations of life rather than improving the bigger issued?
8. Do you have hope?
9. Do you know who you are?
10. Do you have fun!

Even more importantly and probably my favorite, do you take time to "be still and know?"

I've said enough.  I'll let you know when I have secured a venue.  I would love to make a small dent in the fight.  I would like to make a small difference in not only the world of Alzheimer's, but also and impression in all of our lifes.

Enjoy your day...please! 

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