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Friday, March 9, 2012

Busy painting this week but the mild weather is getting me in the mood to mix some concrete!

This time of the year as the weather turns warmer I get anxious to get outside.  Past years this included getting outside to begin creating my concrete art for the year.  I did have a separate studio (not heated) near where I lived, so every spring when the temperature became warmer and the sun came out, I could get outside to begin my new creations for the summer.

This year however I do not have that space yet, so my 2012 summer concrete art will be getting a late start.  The exciting news is that I WILL be getting a new  HEATED studio!  It will be warm and larger, allowing me to create new exciting pieces all year long.  I'll stay in touch when this happens.  It shouldn't be too much longer!

Meanwhile, I'm painting like crazy and hope to have my Alzheimer's series finished  soon.

Stay tuned for an exciting spring!  

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