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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's a new year! I'm excited for new art opportunities!

January 1

January 2

I am excited for this year!  I'm excited for some of my new ideas to happen!

I'll be continuing to complete my paintings and mixed media art pieces for a show to benefit Alzheimer's disease.  I'm hoping this will happen in late spring.  I am trying to secure a venue for this event, so if you are willing to help me support this cause or have some ideas on how I can make this happen please email me soon.  Thank you.

I am going to try to perfect my photography.  To help me do this I am going to try my best to keep a photo diary.  This process I think will help me to be more aware.

I will be bringing in a whole new line of mixed media art pieces.  Last year I went to an exhibition in Boston by artist Mark Bradford.  His art was so inspiring.  Since then I have been trying to think of how my painting and photography could work together.  This year I will be starting this new venture.  I can't wait to show you!

Also, this year you will see a whole new line of concrete art.  It feels like it has been forever since I mixed a batch of cement.  But, before I can do this I need a new studio.  This will happen.  I just can't nail down the timing on this one.  Hopefully it will be no later than late spring - early summer.  I can't wait!

Happy New Year everyone!  I do hope and pray you all have a safe, happy and fulfilling year! 

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