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Friday, November 11, 2011

A storm this week...Alzheimer's and Art.

Now that I've made the decision to merge my art with a very important cause, I have been become very aware of what moments I can catch with my camera. 

This week has been a very stormy week.  It's been amazing to watch and hear the power of nature. I caught this photo just as a storm front came on shore.  It was so loud and powerful, it sounded as the the house was going to come crashing in.  After taking this shot it reminded me again what it possibly could be like for an Alzheimer's patient.  What I personally observed with my father-in-law in the early stage was the frustration he felt.  He knew what was happening to him, and he knew he couldn't comprehend and do the simple tasks he used to do.  That made him so frustrated and sad.  As I look at this photo I am frustrated that I don't see a beautiful and clear view.  I want to wipe the window clear and dry it so I can see what's out there. I think an Alzheimer's patient would love to be able take or do something so he can make sense of his or her view.   Hopefully with my new series, I'll be able to contribute even just a little toward making that happen!

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